About Our Products

Our main focus is Final Expense Life Insurance protection with FREE Funeral Planning Assistance. Weathering storms is what Final Expense has proven throughout the years. In the loss of a loved one or a bad economy, Final Expense helps us all get through those rough times.

This Simplified Issue Whole Life Plan is just a matter of a few answers to some simple and basic health questions. Pretty much everyone gets the coverage they need and deserve. We sweeten that with our FREE Funeral Planning services that others just do not provide.

Remember…when we die, 2 things are inevitable. Someone has to PAY for it & someone has to PLAN for it. Having a life insurance policy just simply isn’t enough nor does it eliminate the entire burden?

We can offer in almost all U.S. States:
MULTIPLE 1st day immediate coverage programs.
Modified 2 year limited death benefit. 110% return of premiums
Graded 2 year limited death benefit. 30% of face 1st year. 70% of face 2nd year.
Guarantee Issue...No Health Questions Asked!


With OUR scripts and presentations, knowing what the client qualifies for is simply a process of elimination. With our easy telesales process, you can type the application out on the computer easily and submit or a simple and fast conference call to an underwriter.