All agents get the following:
1. A company email
2. A company extension
3. Company business cards
4. Business conservation support


1. Telesales
This IS the way of the future! Telesales allows the best opportunity for those that have the discipline and determination to literally make their own success. In this position, we will work with the right individual's with hands on training, support, scripts and the best and most qualified leads in the industry. This is not a part time position as failure is almost definite. Top telesales agents spend a minimum 4-5 hours a day on the phones. They work a lead until they get a "yes" or a "no". Nothing less.
Every agent has the opportunity to get pre-qualified, brand new, daily developed leads. Get fresh brand new TV leads every day calling in! Having the right type of lead and plenty of them, is the key to success in Final Expense Telesales. It's very difficult to have success running internet, direct mail or insert mailing leads when selling over the phone.

2. Field Sales
This is our history. Since 2002, we have mastered the art of selling Final Expense door to door. We have the best in home script for the newbie's or veteran's who may need a path. We also have the key to leads. Field sales is most successfully done with qualified direct mail leads. But even better? Having multiple type's of direct mail leads. When an area keeps getting hit with the same lead over and over again, clients stop returning the mail. Return rates go down and agents are stuck with no leads. We also are one of the few who still offer direct mail at a "fixed cost per lead" and not per thousand piece drop.

Our field agents receive qualified direct mailleads every week. WHAT SETS US APART FROM OTHER GROUPS? If an area is new or short on new leads, we can generate brand new Live Telemarketed leads within 24 hours for the new agent until their mail drop starts to come back. That eliminates the problem most new agents run into with all other companies. We don't make you wait, work hours away or work old leads to prove yourself just because there are no new leads in house. That is exactly how agents starve with all our groups. BUT WE WANT TO FEED YOU! NOT STARVE YOU!