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Wow. Recovered from an insane day of open interviews yesterday! Today is gonna be a great day!

Lorna out of GA!
Blair J. out of OR!
Matt C. out of IN!
Jennifer out of the Columbus office! High Note....Jennifer made her first sale over the phone mid way through her SECOND day AND...off of a "B" lead from April! WOW!!!!

Congratulations to you all and just goes to show that a powerful system once followed...works!

ONE!!!! Could be the next one! That's how we look at it. Not as work but finding those who need our help.

It's just that simple.....

Congrats to Craig S. out of Columbus group for making #9 in the nation last week in production! You've found your rhythm and hit your stride Craig. Keep it going! Great job!

Made the top 10 this week so far for top Final Expense Telesales agents in U.S.!

#6 Jon out of Pitts, PA
#7 Jeff M out of Columbus, OH

Keep it going guys!

2 out of 3 days this week, we've had all but ONE agent make at least 1 sale! All telesales! We are so close to batting 1000% a day and everyone making a sale a day over the phone! Our company continues to hire nothing but the best. Seeing the growth and success is truly AMAZING!

Great job Jeff placing #5 for all of Final Expense telesales centers! Out of the Columbus, OH office. Keep climbing brother! You get good leads...you make a lot of sales! It's the easiest system in the industry!

"If you have a good idea, 99 percent of people will tell you why it's no good or how it's been done before or why else you're going to fall flat on your face. You've just got to say 'Screw it, just do it' and get in with it."

Congrats Jeff M. out of OH office. Just hit over $4,000 in annualized premium for the week all over the phone! And it's only Thursday! Great job Jeff!!!

With his big day last week, we want to say congratulations to Michael D out of OH for making the top 5 agents for all the Call Centers last week! Keep riding the wave Michael!