Q. How does this program work?
A. You can choose to go on our Field Sales OR Telesales Program. But not both. History has shown that trying to do both types of sales process's has failed for all who have tried. You need to focus on one and become the best.

Q. Can I do this part time and gradually work my way into fulltime once I see or make the money to compensate going fulltime?
A. Not a very good idea. We will always give someone the chance to make their dreams come true. However, as a new agent with us, you need to put more time into learning the system. Once an agent is comfortable in the sales process, they can then sell more policies in less time vs the new agent.

Q. How does the telesales process work?
A. Very simple! There are a few different ways to set up your calling service that we can discuss with you. In the Home Office, we simply call over the computer. We can record the call from our computer and save everything to our desktop. Depending on the area and carrier, you may have to call a 3rd party conference call like Apptical and in a matter of a few short minutes, the sale is done. Just like in the house, you follow our presentation and close the deal down all the way before you record the final part of the call and/or call the 3rd party.

Q. I heard and read that telesales doesn't work. That everyone fails at it.
A. TRUE! If you don't have the right recipe. Many agents do fail when working by themselves from home. Why? Lack of discipline and the determination to stay on the program and truly follow it. It is very, very easy to get distracted by yourself. Being in a call center environment definitely is the way to succeed. But if you can spend 4-5 hours a day on the phone minimum and follow our system and get leads every single week....you CAN succeed!

Q. I heard that a lot of business falls off. It doesn't stick.
A. In any sales environment, it is the sales rep. Not the process. Not the carrier. Not the rates. It is the sales process that qualifies the quality of the sale and the relationship. We are proving that everyday. We have a very detailed start to finish and follow up sales system that keeps business on the books. That is why we do this! For the renewals! Listen...if it didn't stick...why would we continue to do this?

Q. Are the leads recycled?
A. Absolutely not! That would make no sense. We get unlimited amounts of data each month. We want everyone to get brand new leads not every week but every DAY! Our agents get brand new leads everyday. Our own in house telemarketers are hired and trained solely by our President. The way their compensation program works is an incentive for them to develop high quality leads for our agents. They never go to an agent before each lead is signed off by the President and/or one of his highly trained Lead Scrubbers. Last point, we would never jeopardize our reputation by sending out anything other than a high quality brand new lead each and every time.

Q. How are the leads paid for?
A. Up front. BUT...most leads are started and start to be delivered within 24 hours of payment confirmation. You are notified about the entire process step by step all along the way. You are also given helpful scripts to anyone who purchase's. We never charge a dime before we run a count and make sure we can keep you busy for weeks at a minimum.

Q. Can I recruit and build a team/agency?
A. Absolutely! In fact, for the right individual(s), we will help you with recruiting, hiring, training and more!

Q. Do you have training?
A. Of course. Training and support is one of the major key factors in our growth and your success. From our one on one training to full on access to our interactive training sight. Our sight has everything from scripts, audio's and video's. Everything is easy, simple and step by step. We are always adding and updating our training sight to help you continue to get better and better.

Q. What's your average agent's closing ratio?
A. We average $100 premium per lead average with our leads and our program.

Q. How long does it take to get contracted?
A. About a week. Once you return the paperwork, we will get you access to our training sight so you can get prepared while you're waiting on your appointment.

Q. How long does it take to get paid?
A. Within 24 hours to 5-6 days from you first sale depending on when we draft.

Q. How does the free lead program work?
A. The free lead program is for Career Agents only and full time. You may be asked to transfer over or terminate other carriers you may have with another group if we see it as a conflict of interest.

Q. What determines how many free new leads I get every week?
A. The amount of leads every week is based on your Premium Per Lead Average(PPL) over an 8 week rolling average. $80 PPL = 30 Leads $90 PPL = 40 Leads $100 PPL = 50 Leads
PPL is calculated at amount of total written premium divided by the amount of leads taken.